Who we are

California Vegan Food Company was founded by Rosa Guerrero Contreras and Miguel Paredes Mayuri. Our founders met in 2017 and each have journeyed to reach this chapter.

Rosa serves as owner and co-operator of this start up. She works full time and dedicates her free time to planting the seeds that will allow CVFC to grow. 

Miguel serves as co-operator and operation manager. Miguel contributes his knowledge and experience of 20+ years creating and advocating for plant protein in Perú. 

Our mission is to produce high quality vegan food products to satisfy the needs of our customers and contribute to a healthier planet. 

Articles – Coming soon!

**We are currently looking for partners in San José, CA, individuals who are looking to be a part of a soon to be global movement and help support our mission and strengthen our efforts. 

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Follow our journey!

Walk with us as we grow our efforts in San Jose, CA and beyond to bring a wider variety of food options to food spaces near you.